There is a West African proverb which says: ‘I am because we are.’

Touched by the plight of an 8-year old girl, Bridget Mandimutsira, who is suffering from a severe skin cancer called xeroderma pigmentosa, the Association of Nigerians in Zimbabwe decided to raise some money to assist Bridget’s parents buy medication for their daughter.

Executive members of the association this Wednesday handed over a cheque of $700 to Bridget’s mother at their offices in Harare where they pledged to continue assisting the little girl in an effort to lighten the burden on her parents who have been in and out of hospital.   

President of the association, Mr Dominic Okechukwu Okunwa and his deputy, Chief Onyi Nwagu, who have made Zimbabwe their second home away from home, said they feel they are now part of the Zimbabwean community hence were compelled to play a part in helping out a sister in need. 

Bridget’s condition is not improving and the association has pledged to help find if there is a cure for her ailment in their country.