caroline washaya moyo 1.jpgA 5-member delegation from Nigeria is in the country to learn and exchange notes with the Parks and Wildlife Management Authority of Zimbabwe on its good conservation methods as well as the authority’s successes and challenges in implementing the Wildlife Based Land Reform policy.

The delegation is on a one week tour of the country’s parks and wildlife infrastructure and will be understudying Zimbabwe’s number of initiatives and wildlife conservation programmes with a view to implement them in their own country.

In an interview, leader of the delegation Mr. Oshunitoki Abegamola Akinola said his country’s department of wildlife would like to exchange notes with friends in the continent to enable them to come up with best practices in wildlife conservation in their country.

He however bemoaned the ever increasing poaching practices that have wrecked havoc in Africa and urged the countries to come together to find a lasting solution to the problem especially rhino poaching which might lead to the extinction of the animal.

Parks and Wildlife Management Authority Public Relations Manager, Ms Caroline Washaya Moyo said the authority is tightening its screws on poaching citing the recent killing of two poachers as an indication that the vice cannot be tolerated.

The Nigerian delegation is also expected to tour the country’s ivory stores which are currently at over 50 tonnes with a value of US$11 million.

Among some of the best wildlife practices in Zimbabwe which other countries emulate are the Communal Areas Management Programme For Indigenous Resources, (CAMPFIRE), Rhino Management and Protection, Wildlife Based Land Reform Policy, Parks Management and Administration, and the Eco-tourism projects among others.