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Saturday, 08 August 2015 17:11

Zanu PF First Secretary and President Cde Robert Mugabe says the massive, rampant dismissal of employees triggered by the recent judgement, is not fair, is unjust, immoral and not acceptable.

President Mugabe was addressing members of the National Consultative Assembly (NCA) at the Zanu PF headquarters in Harare today.


The NCA brings together party stalwarts, nationalists and those in party positions to contribute to government policy development and party development.


The party organ meets once a year to take stock of developments during the course of the year and towards the holding of the National People’s Conferences or National Congress.

President Mugabe told the gathering that the judgement which allows employers to dismiss workers after three months notice has rendered thousands of Zimbabweans jobless, and without meaningful benefits after many years of toiling.


"Even if one is given three months notice, what is three months notice when you have worked for 10 years, 15 years, 20 years?

"And what you get after that...retrenchment packages don't exist apparently. All one gets is three months wages. What it means is that the workers become a community of disadvantaged people," said President Mugabe.

He said government is examining this scenario which has left many almost destitute and will inform the nation of developments in due course regarding the matter.

The President went on to inform the NCA that government is doing its best to remedy the issue of unemployment through proposed projects from Chinese, Russian and other investors.

Cde Mugabe began his address by explaining that the party is going through a regeneration patch which has seen some senior cadres being dropped after they were infiltrated by the political enemies who are working day and night to effect regime change.

He urged members to remain vigilant as the recruiting process is ongoing.

The President explained how it all began before the 6th National People's Congress when some in cahoots with detractors were mobilising youths and some power hungry and corrupt elements in the party through the use of money and promises of higher party positions to try and oust democratically-elected leaders.

President Mugabe also spoke about the coming Heroes Day commemorations saying Zimbabweans must shun tribalism and nurture the ideals of those who fought for independence.

He also called for peace, reminding the meeting of the late Vice President John Nkomo’s teaching that 'peace begins with me, peace begins with you, peace begins with all of us'.

He went on speak about the need for unity and non-violence saying opposition parties are allowed in the country provided they give constructive criticism and conduct politics of non-violence.

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