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Thursday, 17 May 2012 15:23

weather.jpgBy Mercy Makuwatsine


In life, people have choices, to do right or wrong.


Unfortunately, most of humanity tends to choose disaster.


Planet earth is in turmoil due to the effects of climate change caused by irresponsible human activities over many centuries.


The media has a crucial role to educate the nation on the use of alternative sources of fuel and to encourage people to plant more trees to help reduce the impending climatic disaster.


While in the past the climate has always varied naturally, scientists now believe industrial and agricultural emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases may cause a permanent change in weather patterns.


University of Zimbabwe (UZ) Geography Lecturer, Dr Amon Murwira said the media should continually educate the nation on the use of renewable energy and the importance of replacing every tree cut by planting another one.

“The country can improve its energy efficiency by increasing use of sustainable renewable energy solutions such as solar and gas.


“We should also reinforce tree replacements,” he said.


National Coordinator of Climate Change Office in Zimbabwe, Washington Zhakata says greenhouse gases in the atmosphere act like a mirror and reflect back to Earth a part of heat radiation, which would otherwise be lost to space, hence temperature increases.


Temperature increases not only affect human beings but also other living organisms and the impact can be felt world-wide.


Sweden’s University of Gothenburg’s research revealed that as sea temperatures rise, stocks of some fish species decline while others grow.


The university’s researcher, Albin Gräns, says the gastrointestinal system in fish is much more sensitive to temperature changes than previously believed.

If temperatures continue to rise, more extreme weather events, such as floods, droughts, heat waves, and tornadoes are going to be experienced.

Can global warming be controlled?

Whilst there is need for more drastic measures than are in the Kyoto Protocol to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, Zimbabwean experts are working on a climate change policy in an effort to help fight the effects of the ever-changing weather patterns.


The policy formulation process began in Harare under the leadership of UZ Institute of Environmental Studies to ensure that the country has a well-coordinated and integrated approach to climate change.


The strategy is expected to help government in its planning of climate change adaptation and mitigation programmes.


Involvement of everyone, especially the media is also essential.


In developing countries like Zimbabwe, cities, towns, and provinces can reduce emissions from waste dumps and cement-making, while farmers can adopt new techniques for limiting emissions from fertilisers, livestock, and rice farming.

Schools and universities can also promote more research into climate change and incorporate the subject in their curricula for both children and adults.


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written by Patrick Messeng Mba, May 23, 2012
If you wake up in the morning and realize that your son is kind of hot but not quite and in your right mind you know that there is something wrong with your son just because you saw how he behaves (weather), I think the only thing you will do is to take him to the doctor to check him out. You will not be arguing or debating with your wife saying, dear; I think I am going to wait and see if little Johnny gets hotter before I take him to the hospital. Besides I got to go to work and there is nothing to really worry about. And you then emphasize to your wife that little Johnny will be just fine.

From what I know this is not the way a “normal” parent who TRULY loves his son would react toward his sick child. As long as dad or mom knows that there is something wrong with their son or even have a slight doubt in their mind, what they will ALWAYS do is to take ACTION, ACTION and ACTION until the issue is resolved and they have peace of mind.

Thus, with Climate Change: Will earth survive? It is exactly the same way. Earth is little Johnny who is hot, but earth just happens to have a parent who just keeps debating and saying that little Johnny will be fine; there is nothing to worry about. And that parent, given the way he acts toward little Johnny does not really love his son because he worries too much about going to work in the morning (personal interests) to attend that meeting to get his next big contract.

So, looking at this analogy, we can only say that little Johnny will survive (or earth will survive) if his father/mother (regulator, policymaker, Government, Business, Community, etc.) only does one thing which is to ACT and to ACT NOW as soon as heshe finds out there is something wrong with little Johnny. Whether or not little Johnny (earth) will survive will depend entirely on what dad/mom does.

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