banga.jpgMedia analysts have hailed the licensing of new publications by the Zimbabwe Media Commission saying the development is a positive step towards reforming the country’s media fraternity and implementing the demands of the global political agreement.


The move by the Zimbabwe Media Commission to issue licenses to 5 new publications has been applauded by local media analysts who feel the development will bring a new face to the media fraternity as more jobs will be created while the media products will improve in quality due to competition.


Harare Polytechnic Head of Journalism Mr. Peter Banga said the introduction of new players in the media fraternity is going to bring competitiveness and variety. 


“We are happy that the Zimbabwe Media Commission has made this move and this is a step in the right direction in the sense that they are fulfilling the demands of the GPA while at the same time showing the world that there are going to be media reforms in the country,” said Mr Banga.


Other analysts Mr. Alexander Rusike and Mr. Simbarashe Musiiwa said the move is going to create employment as some professional journalists were failing to get jobs in the few institutions that are in the country.


On Wednesday this week, the Zimbabwe Media Commission issued licenses to five new publications namely The Daily News, The Daily Gazette, Newsday, ZCTU’S weekly publications and Fruitlink.