Children living on the street face a lot of stigma and discrimination but one organisation is proving that with a little care such children can be successfully rehabilitated.

From spending years on the street to becoming a graphic designer, such is the story of Darlington Kashiri aged 28 who was successfully rehabilitated from a purposeless existence to a goal oriented life.

Darlington said it only took a bit of tolerance from kind hearted people to change his attitude.

Life on the streets is not easy said Kimberly (not her real name) aged 28 and Tawanda (not his real name) but children are forced to live there due to difficult circumstances.

The story of Darlington, Tawanda and Kimberly bears testimony society should not stigmatize children living on the streets.

House of Smiles head of mission, Mr Loris Palentini said their aim is to give children and young adults a shot at having a meaningful life.

One hopes society will desist from judging kids living on the streets harshly as lending a helping hand can either make or break a life.