city of dreams 2.jpgA New local film titled ‘City of Dreams’ is set to hit the Big Screen at the end of this month.


The full length movie produced and directed by local soap Estate Blues writer and director, Mark “Mandisoul” Mandishora, is a story of people trying to realise their dreams by hook or crook in the “City of Dreams”, Harare.  

The plot sees two friends TK and Trouble played by Arnold Gara and Tonderai Hakuna, being tricked by their streetwise business friend Michael played by Jerry Bunduki into entering a gospel talent show after failing to make a break through in the urban music main stream.

Meanwhile, Sky played by Elscent Chatsanga secures what appears to be a lucrative recording contract under the best label, Jackson records owned by Vivian and Warren Jackson.

They later discover that not all that glitters is gold.

At the other end, business man Razor Mabasa played by Admire Maramba who is TK’s uncle seeks goblins to become rich over night and win the heart of the woman of his dreams.

The story shows life’s twists and turns involving deception, juju, crime, love and perseverance that people use to get what they want.

“The moral behind the film is that no matter what , you can make your dreams come true if you work hard and persevere. It shows that shady dealings and crooked money won’t get you anywhere…don’t cut corners but be true to yourself,” said Mandishora.

Mandishora, who also directs Buffalo Souljah’s “Bum Jive,” the first Zimbabwean video to be played by M-TV base and Roki’s ‘Chidzoka, urged other local film makers to research and properly budget for their productions if they are to make quality productions.

“The problem with our local industry is that we want to cut costs and time so we end up coming up with sub standard productions ….it needs proper planning, research, auditioning and professionalism because it is hard work,” Mandishora added.

Other well known actors in the movie are Evangelista Mwatse and Revilino Gwanzura.

The film is an MTM Global Entertainment Production, in association with Africa Union Entertainment and Mighty Movies.

The soundtrack features music by Channel O award winning artist, Buffalo Souljah and is set to premier at Avondale’s 7Arts theatre.