Fifteen ambassadors designate and 23 foreign affairs officials are undergoing a diplomatic training course that aims at providing them with appropriate orientation before they set off on their new assignments.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Retired Lieutenant General Dr Sibusiso Moyo impressed upon the selected individuals the value of promoting the political and economic interests as well as the image of the country in the international community.

Zimbabwe is scaling up its foreign policy activities under a framework anchored on consolidating international engagements, enhancing cooperation with Zimbabweans living in the diaspora and unlocking new trade opportunities.

In line with this vision, Dr Moyo set out to fully equip those selected to represent the President and the country’s national interest in foreign lands, by enunciating what is expected of them.

“The government aspires to achieve sustained economic growth which contributes to sustainable economic development. Its objectives are achieving inclusive economic growth, the generation of decent jobs for all, affordable and reliable energy, food security, sustainable agriculture and development of reliable modern infrastructure. In addition, the government is determined to satisfy the expectations of our people across the political divide, who spontaneously demanded change and gave birth to the new era. As our ambassadors, you all have a role to contribute to these government efforts,” he said.

“The country’s foreign policy thrust emphasizes on cooperation, maintenance of peace, stability and solidarity and President Mnangagwa has been travelling to other countries to promote and strengthen relations,” adde Dr Moyo.

Since independence in 1980, less than 400 individuals have had the honour to serve as ambassadors of Zimbabwe at missions in the region and abroad and Minister Moyo underlined the importance of projecting a positive image of the country to the outside world and the quest to be part of the international community.

The ambassadors designate and ministry officials were also reminded to keep abreast with current development in the country and the world, including issues like climate change, and also engage with Zimbabweans in the diaspora so that they can fully contribute to the development of the country. 

The month long diplomatic course will see the participation by various ministers.

Some of the notable ambassadors designate are Retired Lieutenant General Douglas Nyikayaramba, Retired Lieutenant General Martin Chedondo, Retired Lieutenant General Anselem Sanyatwe, Retired Air Marshal Sheba Shumbayawonda and former MDC legislator, James Maridadi.