The Makonde Better Schools Programme team has hailed the updated primary and secondary schools curriculum for giving students an opportunity to leave school armed with practical skills.

Educationists; Messrs Gabriel Mhumha and Solomon Katoma view the introduction of the updated schools curriculum as a transformative approach that will help in the churning out of graduands who can meet the demands of the Zimbabwean economy.

They said the previous curriculum produced graduates whose contributions were not benefiting the nation much.

Messrs Mhumha and Katoma were speaking during the Makonde Better Schools Programme Zimbabwe awards ceremony held at Sinoia Primary School in Chinhoyi.

Banker, Mr Denlie Watama, who was the guest of honour, expressed the feeling that the new curriculum will focus more on the demands of the 21st century.

The Better Schools Programme Zimbabwe awards involved all the 174 schools in Makonde district.

The schools were classified into different groups depending on their profiles and ratings for purposes of competition in the academic aspect.

Awards were also presented for excellence in non-academic activities.