The government in partnership with an Indian company is set to unveil a new cotton hybrid seed which is hoped to boost yields and the quality of the white gold in the country.

Head of the Indian company, Raju Barwale, told the ZBC after a briefing with the Minister of Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development Dr Joseph Made that his company has already established successful demo plots of the new hybrid seed in the country and is ready to contract cotton farmers to start producing the cotton hybrid crop.

Zimbabwe cotton seed producing company, Quton, managing director Edworks Mhandu says the introduction of the new cotton hybrid is set to boost yields and quality of the white gold as compared to the open pollinated varieties, currently being used by farmers.

Dr Made weighed in saying if the new seed is certified,  it will compliment government efforts to revive the whole cotton value addition chain.

The unveiling of the cotton hybrid is expected to see the Indian company contracting farmers to put an initial 20 000 hectares under cultivation.