Zimbabwe’s socio-economic development will benefit from the rich pool of astute  politicians constituting the new Parliament, as speculations swirl on who will make it into the new cabinet.

Different theories have been thrown around but the truth agreed by market focus is that the new cabinet should be driven by technocrats who are economic centric for a quick turnaround of the country’s economic fortunes.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa is expected to make key appointments for his new cabinet with a general agreement by political and economic analysts that the appointees will jettison some of the bureaucratic lethargy that haunted some key ministries leading to delays in implementing projects.

The focus of the new cabinet will be centered on driving the 2030 agenda to achieving middle income status, thus requiring both astuteness and political will to ensure that this is arrived at.

The political maturity so far displayed through the ushering in of a new breed of politicians in the 9th Parliament provides a firm basis to select the new ministers, however, the President is also expected to critically look at balancing between gender to allow for the continuation of women empowerment initiatives that formed the main message of his campaign.

Eyes are on the cabinet appointments amid talks of ushering a pool of technocrats and astute individuals who will run with the burden of promoting economic growth. 

13 months after President Emmerson Mnangagwa assumed the reigns of leadership there are some important strides in pushing for investment which the market focus advises may be considered for continuation of such trajectory.

In appointing the new cabinet the ordinary person is also pushing for appointments of leaders that are assertive who will be able to address their socio-economic needs.

Some of the priorities cut out by the public calls for stabilisation of prices and availability of cash on the market. 

The position of Finance Minister and Local Government Ministry become the subject of scrutiny under the new cabinet expectations.