blood donation.jpgEfforts to improve the quality and safety of blood products required for transfusion are beginning to bear fruit as the National Blood Service of Zimbabwe is set to introduce a new blood testing technology called the nucleic acid technology.

Though blood is a very important component of modern medicine, it cannot be created synthetically and its only source is volunteer donors. However, Zimbabweans have developed a fear of donating blood due to various reasons leaving school children accounting for 60% of the donated blood.

Speaking ahead of commemorations to celebrate World Blood Donor Day, National Blood Service of Zimbabwe Chief Executive, Mr David Mvere encouraged Zimbabweans not to be afraid of donating blood.

Mr. Mvere challenged the corporate world and community health providers to consider giving special incentives to encourage and support regular voluntary blood donors.

“We are proud to be introducing the new testing method soon and we are hopeful that a lot of people including adults will volunteer to give blood, said Mr Mvere.

National Blood Service of Zimbabwe Public Relations Manager, Esther Masunda said her organisation in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare, World Health Organisation and other partners, have embarked on a rebranding exercise meant to make blood donors feel proud to be part of an amazing group of people who render a unique service to humanity.

“A number of myths need to be dispelled to encourage more people to give blood, and as an organisation we are rebranding our product to make it more appealing to the generality of people,” said Masunda.

World Blood Donor Day will be commemorated on the 14th of this month under the theme ‘more blood more life.’  It is envisaged that the theme will reinforce the urgent need for more people to become life savers by volunteering to donate blood regularly.