The expansion by state owned mobile telecommunications firm, NetOne under the US$218 million facility is expected to create 20 000 employment opportunities in the next 30 days.

Thousands of people thronged a local centre in Harare to get their chance before a panel of interviewers for the employment opportunities as the company is playing its role in meeting the ZIMASSET targets.

NetOne Acting Chief Operations Officer, Mr Clever Isaya said the engagement of young people is part of the company’s thrust to expand their operations while also increasing their market share.

The US$218 million loan facility has also seen the state owned firm dominating in the telecommunications industry, according to a POTRAZ 2016 last quarter report.

Under the ZIMASSET economic blueprint, the government is targeting to create more than 2 million jobs across all sectors of the economy by next year.

So far, employment opportunities have been created in agricultural, mining, clothing and manufacturing sectors, while the empowerment agenda has seen thousands of people being absorbed in the informal sector.