Vice President Constantino Chiwenga has urged Zimbabweans to rise to the occasion by negating anything that brings instability and problems to the country.

Speaking on the eve of the Defence Forces Day commemorations in Harare today, the Vice President, who is also the Minister of Defence and War Veterans Welfare, said the liberation struggle was fought so that the nation enjoys peace, and as such, everyone from the military personnel, to politicians and civilians, has a role to ensure peace in the country.

He said Zimbabweans should remain peaceful and be convinced that no one will come and ‘rebuild this great country for them.’

The Vice President said Zimbabwe’s defence forces are properly trained to defend the country from any threats of instability.

“No military person will ever do anything that destabilises the country because we know the consequences,” he said.

On the recent post election violence that claimed 6 lives in Harare, Retired General Chiwenga said it is unfortunate that some politicians go into a race not expecting to lose.

“If you go into a race, you either win or lose. There are no miracles and luck in elections. It is the message you are giving to the electorate that carries the day. People should not go into an election with the I should not be defeated mentality,” he said.

The Vice President called on all Zimbabweans to take head to President elect, Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa’s counsel that now that ‘elections are behind us, it is time to forge ahead and develop the country.’