The National Economic Consultative Forum (NECF) is crafting the 2017 Zimbabwe National Competitiveness Report which will guide the decision making process of both domestic and foreign investors.

The drafting of theĀ  third edition of the report comes at a time NECF has reached a milestone 20 years of fostering public and private sector dialogue to drive economic growth.

NECF Executive Director, Mr Norman Chakanetsa told the ZBC News that a number of milestones have been attained in the 20 years comprising the competitiveness report, the 1st ever framework on small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which led to formation of the Ministry of SMEs and Cooperatives Development, and the Tripartite Negotiating Forum, among others.

“Going forward, we need to continue to improve the NECF’s contribution and we are also thinking of coming up with a think tank to advise the government on economic issues. “We did the concept note and submitted it to our principals,” he said.

Formed on 17 July, 1997, NECF brings together public and private organisations under one table to discuss pressing economic issues.