Chipinge budding poet Marry Macharaga has come up with exciting and informative poems on drug abuse.

The number of crimes committed by alcohol abusers continue to increase with worst case scenarios ending up in death.

Poets have also taken it upon themselves to inform society on the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse.

Macharaga, a budding poet and student is now known for her exciting and informative poems with her latest offering titled ‘Doro Mutakati’.

Macharaga now has 12 poems to her name and the form three student said she will continue to highlight issues that affect society’s moral fabric.

The budding poet who performed her latest poem during the Chipinge district annual science, sports and arts festival said she hopes to publish her poems tapping into the rich ndau language to sale her brand.

The young poet said her background as an orphan, the ndau traditions and its teachings inspire most of her works’ messages.