The introduction of ndau language in schools has registered significant progress with learning materials for grade one to three already published.

The country’s constitution recognises 16 official languages with ndau included despite the language not being taught in schools.

In line with the government drive to ensure the country’s official languages are taught in schools, the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has partnered Chindau Chemene, a ndau language promotion group to produce education materials.

Chindau Chemene group founder and University of Zimbabwe lecturer, Dr Muzi Mlambo said learning materials for grade one to three are already there while efforts are now on producing learning materials for grade four to seven.

Dr Mlambo said it is important to promote the ndau language when preserving the Ndau culture as the two are intertwined.

Under the partnership, Chindau Chemene project provides learning materials that are published by College Press.