More than 100 milestone blood donors and a number of partners were honoured for their unwavering support to save live by the National Blood Service Zimbabwe (NBSZ).

The NBSZ honoured its seasonal blood donors who gave blood for more than 25 times and above rewarding them with awards and certificates.

In the lead was Mrs Jennifer Hogg who donated blood on 176 occasions, Mr Gregory Sakonda in second with 108 donations and Mr Cleopas Mutsvene with 83 donations and they were all honoured for their selfless contributions.

NBSZ member of the advisory committee Dr Cleopatra Mutisi who was the guest of honour noted that it is imperative for the people of Zimbabwe to show their love to each other by donating blood which is on high demand in the country’s hospitals.

“People need to understand that giving blood is very critical and those who received awards have done a good job since they are donating blood to save lives,” said Dr Mutisi.

ZBC Acting Head Radio Services Mr Albert Chekayi also received an award on behalf of Radio Zimbabwe and its disc jockey Season ‘Chikara’.

“I want to thank Radio Zimbabwe especially Season Ndundu who placed the station on the limelight for receiving and award,” said Mr Chekayi.

Some of the corporates who received certificates include NetOne, Delta Corporation and Total Zimbabwe among others.