blood donation.jpgThe National Blood Service of Zimbabwe (NBSZ) says it has collected 2 200 units of blood which is enough for ten days of supply ahead of the Christmas holidays.


However, the figure still falls short of the 5 000 unit target.

The nationwide campaign to collect at least 5 000 units of blood during the festive season is progressing well.

So far, the NBSZ has managed to collect 2 200 units of blood mainly from the youths.

National Blood Services of Zimbabwe Assistant Manager and Blood Procurement, Sister Judith Parirewa confirmed that the efforts to have enough blood for the blood bank have been successful but urged Zimbabweans to develop a culture of giving blood as it saves lives.

The month of December has become synonymous with fatal traffic accidents and the NBSZ embarked on a nationwide campaign to collect more blood.  

The national blood bank usually stocks between 1500 to 2000 units, representing approximately 7 days’ supply.

NBSZ gets 70% of blood collections from youths while adults contribute the remainder.