chief charumbira 17-11-10 ed.jpgThe Pan African Parliament says the African Union resolution on the immediate ceasefire in Libya should be implemented fully as innocent civilians are being indiscriminately killed by NATO forces.

A delegationof the parliament which visited Libya on a fact-finding mission has condemned the killing of innocent civilians by Nato forces, saying there is need for the implementation of the African Union extraordinary summit resolution that called for an immediate ceasefire.

Head of delegation, Chief Fortune Charumbira, noted that the two-week visit exposed the blatant abuse of Resolution 1973 of 2011 passed by the United Nations which declared a no-fly zone over Libya in a bid to protect civilians.

He said there is need for the regional and international groupings to put in place measures that ensure that the pending humanitarian crisis in Libya is stopped.

“We were in Tripoli for two weeks and we visited all the hospitals and the people who are injured. Most of them are civilians and they are dying. This is contrary to Resolution 1973 that is meant to protect civilians,” he said.

NATO recently admitted to killing civilians in its operations in sharp contrast to UN Resolution 1973, which instead intended to protect them.

NATO forces invaded Libya in February this year on the pretext of protecting civilians. However, the AU extraordinary summit on Libya held last month in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, called for an immediate stop to NATO’s bombings of the oil rich country.