Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko has commended the national youth service programme for the role it has played in improving the livelihoods of the local communities.

He was speaking at a pass-out parade held at Tshino Primary School in Tsholotsho, where 152 youths completed their training.

The youths who graduated have been active in a number of activities which include road rehabilitation, construction of Sipepa hospital kitchens and community halls.

They have also assisted in clearing 126 tents at Sipepa camp as well as the digging of 164 toilet pits at Tshino village where Tsholotsho flood victims are being relocated.

During the pass-out parade, the Vice President inspected a guard of honour, which later marched in slow and quick time.

He commended the youths for their discipline as well as playing a crucial role in the relocation of flood victims to their new area, saying their contribution will help government meet its target to complete the building of new homes before the beginning of the rainy season.

“They have certainly done well and we are proud of our children. They must keep the spirit and continue to assist communities,” said Vice President Mphoko.

The training covered civic education, conflict prevention, management resolution and transformation, culture, disaster management and physical education and drills among others.

The training was conducted in Kamativi with the aim of moulding youths into patriotic, enterprising, and responsible citizens who derive inspiration from an intrinsic desire to voluntarily offer services for the benefit of the country.