The Zimbabwe National Youth Service programme that has transformed its self into a leading development partner in rural communities through its Youth Build Zimbabwe project is moving a gear up by embarking on a number of income generating projects to improve the organization’s sustainability.

Vumba National Youth Service Staff College is one of numerous national youth service training centres that have embarked on a number of projects to ensure the organization’s self sustenance.

Staff College Commandant, Handsen Kadzuraimire said the training centre has introduced a number of projects that include poultry, apiary, piggery and fish farming, among others, that are aimed at improving the sustainability of the organisation and helping to provide practical lessons to trainees on entrepreneurship.

He said the centre plans to grow the projects to a level where training programmes can be effectively supported by revenue generated from the projects in line with the new political dispensation’s focus on self sustainability.

“We have started a number of projects that can transform the face of the organisation if they are supported and grow them into huge projects,” said Mr Kadzuraimire.

He added that the Zimbabwe National Youth Service despite not being well funded in the country, continues to bring positive changes to the society through embarking on a number of projects such as construction of schools, clinics and bridges, among other community assistance projects.

He also said the revised national youth model is having a positive impact in many countries where it is being implemented, hence the need for more support to grow the government led initiative.