national-sports stadium.jpgSerious need for the allocation of adequate resources towards the maintenance of the national sports stadium yesterday emerged as a key factor necessary in keeping the giant stadium up to shape.


The official re-opening of the giant National Sports Stadium brought to light the need for a paradigm shift in the maintenance of the facility after the stadium had to close down to pave way for renovations, stimulated by the depreciation of the country’s biggest sporting facility.


At the official handover ceremony of the National Sports Stadium by China to the government of Zimbabwe on Saturday the Minister of Public Works Theresa Makone highlighted that there were no structural faults at the sporting facility contrary to some media reports suggesting the stadium had been sinking as she expressed hope that the facility will this time be taken good care of.

The gigantic stadium which was officially re-opened on Saturday afternoon was first constructed in the 1980’s being officially opened on 26 March 1987.  But owing to pure human error the stadium was not properly maintained resulting in the deterioration of the facility which had to be closed for refurbishment on the 8th of March in 2007.


Having realized the mistakes made in the past, the onus is now on the powers be to this time exercise extreme caution and handle with care the precious sporting facility. With  attention firmly fixed on the National Sports Stadium, the time has surely come to begin taking decisive action in resuscitating other key sporting facilities such as the Chitungwiza town complex, as well as the Magamba and Khumalo Hockey Stadium’s which are in dilapidated states.