handball.jpgA Zimbabwe national handball team to represent the nation at the All-Africa Games scheduled for Mozambique next year, will be selected from participating players at the national tournament set for One Commando Barracks on Saturday.


Teams from Matabeleland South and Dotito are expected to take part at the tournament which will bring together about 35 male and female clubs.


Zimbabwe Handball Federation President, Amon Madzvamuse said apart from being the handball mother body’s drive to keep players battle-hardened through constant competitive action, the tournament will also serve as a platform to select the team that will represent Zimbabwe at the All-Africa Games next year.

“We are going to use the tournament to select the national team for the 2011 All-Africa Games. We want to select our best players because we want to make an impact at the games and come back with something,” said Madzvamuse.


A representative of one of the sponsors, Ignatius Mutukwa said their involvement in the tournament was borne out of the desire to see handball growing like other mainstream sports such as soccer.


Mutukwa said: “Handball is not a popular sport like soccer but a lot is happening in schools and club level and this compelled us to sponsor the tournament. It’s also a way of giving something back to the community which supports us in business.”


The Zimbabwe Handball Federation has set aside US$5 000 for the inaugural edition of the Universal Springs Club Championship which will be held at One Commando Barracks this Saturday.