Hundreds of people turned up for the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) National FM road show this Saturday (today) at Overspill shopping centre in Epworth.

It was a rare opportunity for national fm listeners in Epworth to finally meet their favourite radio personalities who included Blah Phidza, Kanyemba Bhonzo, Mesaldo, Ezaldo, Raaabison, Morris and Kuda Machiri not forgetting the captain Tonderai Samanyanga.

The roadshow also afforded advertisers an opportunity to interact with their target market.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police officers had a full job on their hands as they tried to contain the crowd.

Sungura artist Mark Ngwazi send the crowd into a frenzy with some fans coming on stage to join the talented artist.

National FM is one of ZBC’s radio stations and broadcasts in all the country’s 16 national languages.