rev damasane.jpgThe Zimbabwe National Dress, an embodiment of the country’s national heritage, is still to gain national acceptance years after its launch, with stakeholders blaming a lack of consensus on what constitutes the dress and poor marketing strategies as major factors to its low acceptance.

While government says it has played its part in spearheading the launch of the national dress, the fabric is still unavailable on the market.

The Principal Director for Sport, Arts and Culture in the Ministry of Education, Sport, Arts and Culture, Reverend Paul Bayethe Damasane, argued that his ministry has played its part in launching the campaign and what now remains is for the Zimbabwean populace to embrace the initiative.

The Director of the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe, Mr. Elvas Mari, however said: “The reason why the national dress failed to gain acceptance is mainly poor marketing strategies and a lack of popularisation.”

The idea of a national dress was first mooted by Zimbabwe’s first post-independence Education and Culture Minister, Dzingai Mutumbuka, in 1983.

The idea was again revived by Cde Aeneas Chigwedere while he was the Minister of Education, Sport, Arts and Culture.

The national dress however continues to face resistance, with observers saying government should engage a more robust approach towards its marketing, pricing and availability so that the noble objective can be achieved.