Consultations to establish a national dress have begun with stakeholders debating on the type of cloth and design to be adopted.

The idea began at around 2005, but due to lack of consensus, nothing materialised.

It is against this background that proper consultations have begun with debate centred on the design and type of cloth to be used.

It has been suggested that the dress to be adopted must be acceptable by all Zimbabweans.

The First Lady, Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa encouraged every Zimbabwean to participate in selecting the national dress of their choice.

“The dress must get the buy in of Zimbabweans hence the participation must be inclusive. The type of dress and cloth must withstand the taste of time and it has to be a symbol of unity among Zimbabweans,” she said.

The national dress is aimed at promoting identity, social cohesion and unity.

Most countries have adopted their own national dress with features and designs that are unique to each nation.