nhemachena.jpgSports and Recreation Commission Director General retired Colonel Charles Nhemachena has challenged National Associations to transform their institutions into marketable brands which will make it easier for them to  source corporate sponsorship.


Nhemachena’s comments follow concerns raised by some national associations that the SRC is not doing enough to assist them in terms of financial resources.


He said such concerns are raised by people who do not understand the role of the SRC, which is there as a regulatory body to coordinate sporting activities and help whenever they have the financial means to do so.


Nhemachena challenged the national associations to transform themselves into attractive brands which will be key in attracting corporate sponsorship.


The SRC Director General said the situation has been compounded by the unavailability of financial resources currently bedeviling the government which has made it difficult for the SRC to get a big purse from the fiscus.


National Associations and clubs are facing financial problems with four of Zimbabwe’s representatives threatening to pull out of continental competitions due to lack of sponsorship.