Almost a decade and half after his passing on, the mention of the name Dr Simon Muzenda brings smiles on the faces of many whose minds are reminded of the selfless man who loved to see others smiling.

Dr Muzenda died on this day, the 20th of September, in 2003.

The popular adage goes: ‘A picture tells a thousand stories,’ and indeed many stories can be told about the late Dr Mzee through the pictures which are on display at his house where he last resided before joining the liberation struggle.

Now popularly known as KwaVaMuzenda, the house is now a tourist attraction and a visit there gives one some insight on the life of the late vice president.

Yes tourists are coming through, but Kwavamuzenda Committee Chairman, Mr Lovemore Sibanda said more work needs to be done to publicise this historic place.

Dr Muzenda`s son, Captain Vitalis reflected on the life lessons they received from their father, highlighting that he always encouraged them to work hard, saying that is the key to success.

The people of Masvingo remember him always with smiles, as the man who fought to lessen the burden for many oppressed families by championing their rights to decent education.

Dr Muzenda is forever remembered for his recital of the poem: ‘Nehanda Nyakasikana,’ and his love for the ZCC Mbungo Brass Band’s music. 

A golf tournament will be held in his honour on the 7th of October in Masvingo.