The National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ) has called on legislators to enact laws that suit the changing world in curbing piracy.

While the fight against piracy seems to be unbeatable, the Minister of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture is hopeful he will play his part to curb the vice.

Speaking during a tour of the NACZ in Harare today, Minister Hlongwane, however, admitted that of late fighting piracy seems to be a wild goose chase.

NACZ Director, Mr Elvis Mari said there is need to introduce new laws in curbing piracy than following the 1985 enacted law which is now out of synch with the realities on the ground.

Minister Hlongwane and his team later toured the National Arts Gallery to have an appreciation of the gallery.

In June, music guru, Oliver Mtukudzi challenged authorities to bring positive change to the arts industry.

Minister Hlongwane’s ministry was recently expanded to encompass the arts and culture aspects, and he is currently going around arts centres to have an appreciation and get first hand information on the industry.