The National AIDS Council in Masvingo has begun its fundraising initiatives to raise funds for cancer screening machines for the rural population.

The initiative kicked off with the hosting of a golf tournament at the Masvingo Golf Club where $8000 was raised.

With cervical cancer, accounting for at least 35 percent of all cancer cases in Zimbabwe, the country has a huge task of ensuring the provision of screening machines and early treatment for those affected.

The rural population often has to walk long distances to access health care services. 

NAC is working to ease the burden for the rural women through purchasing mobile cancer screening machines which can be taken to the communities on a regular basis.

NAC Chief Executive Officer Dr Tapuwa Magure said limited resources remain a major challenge in the fight against cancer.

“If diagnosed in its early stages, cervical cancer is curable. This cancer is also related to HIV and we need to make sure that it’s diagnosed early, so that treatment can be done early,” said Dr Magure.

Captain of the Masvingo Golf Club Mr Sternly Mhande Kondongwe said the business community in Masvingo will continue working with the NAC until they raise enough funds for the required cancer screening machines.

“The fundraising is a process. We are hoping we will eventually raise the money for the targeted 12 machines,” Mr Kondongwe said.

According to the NAC, 60 percent of the cancer cases co-exist with HIV.