The National Aids Council (NAC) has taken the fight against HIV and AIDS pandemic to rural schools in Gwanda through organising an inter-schools quiz competition on the subject.

The move meant is to fight stigmatisation and prevent new infections, among school children.

Schools drawn from Gwanda brought four of their bright minds to battle it out on questions set from thematic pillars of the campaign that says: ‘Prevent, Care and Support.’

NAC Provincial Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Prosper Mupa said fighting the pandemic needs a collective effort considering that the country still records new infections since the first discovery in 1985.

“We need to take cognisance of that transferring knowledge to behavioural change remains a challenge in Zimbabwe. We know that everyone knows about HIV and AIDS, but transferring that knowledge to positive behavioural change remains a challenge in terms of fighting stigma, going for testing and adhering to medication, that is why we still have new infections even after the virus was discovered more than 30 years ago,” said Mupa.

Out of the six schools that participated Mtshabezi Mission school emerged victors, followed by Manama High School and Nhwali Secondary school took the third spot.

Matabeleland South remains one of HIV and AIDS hotspots in the country with 21% prevalence rate.