cholera.jpgThe Harare City Council Health Services Department has revealed that the mysterious disease which claimed four lives in Harare’s Mabvuku suburb and left others hospitalised is typhoid.


Harare City Council Director for Health Services Dr Stanley Mungofa said laboratory tests showed that the disease is typhoid.

Contrary to some media reports that the disease was malaria Dr Mungofa said, blood and stool samples of 29 patients indicate the presents of Salmonella bacteria Typhyii Group D.


Asked if the city health department has enough stocks of drugs to treat the disease in case of an upsurge in number of the infected Dr Mungofa said all the health institutions have enough stocks of anti-biotics since the disease is a bacteria infection.


In a move to try and reduce the spread of the disease the city’s medical and environmental teams are currently in Mabvuku inspecting and gathering information pertaining to the disease.


Typhoid is a waterborne disease rampant in areas where there is no clean drinking water and in some cases the salmonella bacteria is spread by food handlers when preparing food especially at public gatherings.


Unlike Cholera which has known symptoms, typhoid presents itself in a number of symptoms such as dizziness, vomiting, coughing, fever, diarrhea, respiratory infections and headaches.