A myriad of challenges confront players in the creative arts industry daily among them issues to do with violation of intellectual property rights, shunning of artists’ products owing to the liquidity crunch and poor business practices.

As a result the multi-million dollar industry has seen most artists living impoverished lives compared to their regional peers.

The creative arts sector in Zimbabwe is reeling from numerous draw backs stemming from a variety of challenges which have affected most artists thus preventing them from earning lucrative rewards for their hard earned sweat.

Visual artists, musicians, authors and those in the theatrical arts bemoan the unavailability of disposable income and the inability to penetrate international markets has affected them negatively.

The issue to do with royalties is of major concern to artists as the return on their investments is very small considering the problem of intellectual property rights  which is mostly violated by those who indulge in piracy.

Sound business practices inclusive of management has also been sighted as lacking among most local artists thereby hindering artists from earning their much deserved money from their creativity.