visual_art.jpgOne of the four young visual artists exhibiting at the on-going 54th Biennale International exhibition, Misheck Masamvu says his paintings explore issues and relationships of social life.

Misheck Masamvu is one of the new generations of artists who has benefitted from the opportunity to engage with the wider African diaspora audience and the global art world at the biggest ever visual art festival going on in Venice, Italy.

In an interview at the Zimbabwe Pavilion in Venice, Masamvu said his work is aimed at stimulating positive energy and bring to attention the need to create new emblems and motifs that encourage dialogue.

“I wish to produce a body of work pregnant with optimism and hope. Through my work, I desire to find alternative solutions to the sometimes dire circumstances we come across,” said Masamvu.

Arts critics and observers said Masamvu’s colourful canvasses serve to re-centre this exhibition towards image medium with elements through which the human eye engages with the arts.

Masamvu studied visual art in Harare and Germany. He has exhibited in France, South Africa, Senegal, Germany, Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

In 2006, he exhibited at the Dakar Biennale and received an award at the Live and Direct exhibition held the National Gallery of Zimbabwe last year.

His works can also be seen at galley Delta in Harare.