hands-in-cuffs.jpgThe case of CAPS boss and businessman, Fredrick Mutanda, who is facing fraud charges, has taken a new twist with Mutanda alleging that there is a plot to kill him.

In a letter written to the Attorney General, Mutanda through his lawyers says he received information of a plot to kill him.

The letter indicated that he has already raised the issue with the Zimbabwe Republic Police and the Anti Corruption Commission which is investigating the matter.

Meanwhile, the presiding magistrate, Mr Kudakwashe Jarabini has recused himself from the case.

Magistrate Jarabini said he cannot cling to a case which has raised more questions than answers.

Mr Jarabini recused himself after the accused through his new defence council wrote an 18 paged letter to the Attorney General, complaining about the manner in which his case is being handled.

Mutanda is alleged to have claimed that the court already knew the outcome of the matter before his trial.

He alleged that the ruling has already been prepared and he was going to be sentenced to one year in prison for interfering with state witnesses.

However, the letter did not mention whether there is evidence to the claims he made.

Mutanda is now being represented by Ms Linda Chipato after his defence council, Mr Jonathan Samukange renounced agency last week under unclear circumstances.

Mutanda is facing fraud charges after he allegedly swindled CAPS Holdings of about US$26 million.