Most areas in Mwenezi are now inaccessible due to the bad state of roads caused by the heavy rains and locals have come up with an alternative mode of transport after realising that most cars which pirate the routes to their villages are currently unable to do so.

The incessant rains being experienced in Mwenezi  have left most areas inaccessible, particularly by small vehicles  leaving the locals in the area reverting back to the donkey drawn scotch carts as their common mode of transport.

One casual glance at Rutenga Business Centre there are more donkey drawn scotch carts than cars.

The rains have been pounding continuously, the roads are badly damaged and as a result the vehicles  that usually pirate from the growth point to villages are not operating.

Well this mode of transport might not be as comfortable as the conventional ones, it certainly is slower but what is important is that they get around.

The donkeys are given breaks along the way to allow them to rest as some of the distances take about four hours.

One hopes that the rains do not catch up with them (villagers) before they reach their destinations as the carts do not have a roof.

For now this is the way of life in Mwenezi and  those in the transport sector are probably feeling the pinc, but well the locals have to get moving, and moving they are indeed.