A Mvurwi family is in desperate need for assistance to fend for their 21 year old daughter who suffers from cerebral palsy.

Dambudzo Makore was diagnosed with cerebral palsy just three months after birth in 1997.

The brain disorder renders her unable to control any of her body movements, muscle tone or posture.

At 21, Dambudzo weighs 8kgs and needs attention round the clock.

Her parents are in desperate need of assistance as they are unemployed and currently staying at a dilapidated farmhouse designated for refurbishment as a clinic at Tarastore in Mvurwi.

“She is unable even to chase away flies or turn. Whatever position I leave her in is the position that she remains so. We go to Mvurwi every three months and have to buy medicine to control fits,” said Aida Sithole, her mother.

“I’m not working and donors who come here say we can’t help much if you don’t have a place of your own, so we are appealing for land and a borehole so that we can do farming and poultry projects,” Moses Makore, father to Dambudzo, said.

Dambudzo recently got a wheelchair from the Department of Social Welfare but her parents struggle to provide decent meals and to buy sunscreen lotions for their 4-year old grandson Whitney who lives with albinism.