Residents of Mutare have been called upon to shun littering in order to keep the city clean as well as put a cap on disease outbreaks.

Non collection of refuse has been a challenge for the City of Mutare resulting in stakeholders conducting a clean-up campaign in Chikanga suburb.

While clean-up campaigns have been held in the past, the need to maintain a clean environment was the main point emphasised.

“We have had clean up campaigns numerous times. However Zimbabweans need to be aware that littering is wrong and must be done away with,” said principal director in office of the Manicaland Minister of State for Provincial Affairs, Mr Luck Basopo.

Mutare Mayor, Councillor Tatenda Nhamarare said; “As a local authority we are harmstrung and urgently need to find ways to deal with garbage. However, illegal dumps as well as littering makes the process of refuse collection even harder”.

The corporate world has also heard the need to assist in keeping a clean environment with a donation of bins to the Chikanga community while the Environmental Management Agency said it will step up the tempo in the clean-up campaigns.

“As an organisation we are stepping up efforts to spread the message on the dangers of littering,” noted EMA Manicaland education and publicity officer, Mrs Alice Rutsvara.

Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company, head public relations and community development, Mr Sugar Chagonda said; “We have realised that to be responsible corporate citizens we need to assist where we can. We have come in and donated bins that will be used to deposit litter so that people do not throw garbage everywhere”.

While littering has become the norm for many Zimbabweans, across the border nations such as Botswana have imposed stiff fines on litterbugs, translating in an environment that is pleasing to the eye.