The United Mutare Residents and Ratepayers Trust (UMRRT) have delivered a notice of a rates and levies boycott and their intention to institute legal action.

The Mutare residents are demanding the audited debtors list, a schedule of remittances from ZINARA, projected revenue for the past five years and the audited debtors list.

UMRRT director, Bishop Sebastian Bakare said; “It must be made absolutely clear that we, as UMRRT and the residents and ratepayers do not want to see the City Council collapse and as such will place our rates and levies in a trust account to be administered by a local legal firm and returned to the city treasury once all of our concerns and resolutions have been met”.

The association contends that the city is operating beyond its revenue base and exercising its borrowing powers.

Non collection of refuse, the poor state of roads and non functional street lights are some of the challenges that the Mutare residents are citing.