A Mutare man who had spent 25 years in the Diaspora and returned a month ago beheaded his wife of 29 years in a callous murder that has become the talk of the eastern border city.

At a time when the Murimba family was planning to host a welcome party to mark the return of Mr Elisha Murimba who had spent 25 in America and five years in South Africa, the celebratory mood has now turned into mourning.

Mr Murimba allegedly murdered his wife over the weekend and circumstances leading to the alleged well planned murder of Mrs Victoria Tsverukai Muzowaka Murimba are still unclear.

A distraught daughter Jamaima Munyama said her mother worked tirelessly for the upkeep of the family and it is painful that she was killed like an animal.

Residents here are also trying to come to terms with the reality with many confessing the couple had no reported domestic disputes that they knew off.

After committing the act, Mr Murimba allegedly disappeared and police have since launched a man hunt.

Information gathered by this news crew alleges that Mr Murimba left a five pegged letter whose details could not be obtained.

The body of Mrs Murimba has been taken for a post mortem in Harare with burial expected next week.

In the meantime the family grieves and is demanding justice though sadly no amount of justice can bring back the life of Mrs Victoria Murimba.