Mutare City Council has failed to complete the refurbishment of Sakubva Stadium, one of the major tasks the city fathers set out to achieve under their 100 day plan, leaving residents and soccer lovers in the city in dismay.

Mutare Mayor Councillor Blessing Tandi blamed his municipality’s failure to achieve its ambitious targets set at the beginning of the cycle on 27 September 2018, on the economic challenges the country is facing.

“Sakubva Stadium is one of the projects which is under our 100 day plan and we are putting our hands on the rail to ensure the project is taken as a priority. It was our desire as the local authority to complete the project in 2018 but due to the economic challenges prevailing in the country the problem was, however, spilt into 2019. We had a target to open up 21 km of roads and that one failed to take off because of the price madness, we also wanted to reseal 10km of our major roads and the programme suffered a major setback due to the Procurement Regulatory Authority requirements,” he said.

Critically, the council failed to improve the water and sanitation situation in the eastern border city, with the local authority failing to register any meaningful progress towards reducing non-revenue water which is still high despite having carried out major works, said the Mayor.

“In line with the thrust of reducing non revenue water which is still very high, council carried out major works but there has not been progress registered,” said Councillor Tandi .

However, it is not all gloomy for the city fathers who have managed to maintain an adequate supply of portable water to Dangamvura, construct and rehabilitate roads, and provide an efficient refuse collection system in the city.

The local authority also opened a new clinic and completed the construction of two classroom blocks in Hobhouse high density suburb.