professor mutambara 24-01-11.jpgDeputy Prime Minister, Professor Arthur Mutambara, says the position of being a Prime  Minister is governed by national interest and collective non-partisan aspirations.

In a statement, Professor Mutambara said he is aware of the distinction between an office of state and a political party regarding the decision not to contest for the position of president of his political party.

He said according to the constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment number 19 , the office of the Deputy Prime Minister exists to serve the people of Zimbabwe regardless of race, tribe, sex, political party affiliation or religion and the office does not serve one political party.

Professor Mutambara also said there are specific national projects, programmes and coordinative activities he is doing as Deputy Prime Minister and it will be detrimental to the national interest to abandon them.

This statement by Professor Mutambara put to rest speculations about his future both as a principal in the Global Political Agreement and Deputy Prime Minister.

The speculations came to light after Professor Welshman Ncube became the president of MDC-M’s party at the recent party’s congress during which he suggested to redeploy Professor Mutambara to a ministerial post.