musicians 05.08.10.jpgMusicians have come up with a project in conjunction with Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (ZIMRA) which will see artists raising money for their welfare.

The fundraising project comes at a time when much concern has been raised over the welfare of musicians as many face financial challenges that have seen some failing to meet medical bills in times of sickness while others receive paupers burial when they pass away.

The musicians say they are happy with the initiative which will improve their upkeep.

Zimbabwe Music Rights Association Director, Mrs. Polisile Ncube says they have engaged in the project as it is part of their organisation’s social responsibility programme to assist musicians.

“We are doing the project together with musicians as it is part of our program as an organisation to see to it that musicians get help when faced with challenges,” said Mrs. Ncube.

The development will see the first gospel concert being hosted in Chitungwiza on the 7th of August in which artists including Sebastain Magacha, Bethany, Olinda Marowa and Prince Mafukidze will be sharing the stage.