Artists in the music industry have been urged to work hard and persevere in their chosen careers in order to penetrate the music industry.

Penetrating the local music industry has proved difficult to many artists as they face a number of challenges that lead to some of them to quit in the process.

However, South African based gospel musician Reverend Togarepi Chivaviro highlighted that it takes hard work, perseverance and continuity for one to stay in the game.

As he celebrated 20 years in the music industry since he started recording music Reverend Chivaviro explained how it took him more than 10 years producing music without getting much recognition only to gain popularity after the launch of his 10th album that features the hit song ‘Ebenezer’.

Meanwhile, a number of musicians’ efforts to stay in the industry rendered fruitless after facing some hurdles and lack of finance to market their products.