sisster sunshine4 25.08.10.jpgThe dangers posed by climate change have not gone unnoticed as local artists have also joined in raising awareness by composing songs in which Zimbabweans are being urged to join in playing a role in adopting climate mitigation measures.

A local reggae artis, Nyasha Chonga, known in the music circles as ‘Sister Sunshine’ has released an album on environment awareness.

A couple of months ago, Alexio Kawara launched his album, “Our Future” which is also dedicated to environmental issues.

Nyasha said as a female musician, she has taken it upon herself to devote her energy to environmental awareness, through her latest CD album under the title “Climate Change”.

Nyasha has worked with artists from Zambia whilst Kawara sought the help of seasoned instrumentalist Adam Chisvo and guitar maestro Clive Mono Mukundu.

Besides songs that have to do with climate change, Nyasha has also come up with songs to do with social commentary.

sisster sunshine3 25.08.10.jpgClimate change which is caused by global warming due to excessive carbon emission is a threat to the whole existence of life on earth.

Some disasters such as floods, mudslides, earthquakes, severe colds and heat waves which are occurring in other parts of the world have been attributed to this global phenomenon.