President Robert Mugabe’s visionary leadership continue to inspire young musicians with Kadoma based Offspring Crew releasing a new single titled ‘Makorokoto Baba Bona’ to celebrate the life of the iconic leader.

The Offspring Crew based in Kadoma has been religiously releasing songs during the 21st February Movement celebrations, the independence, heroes and unity celebrations with the latest single ‘Makorokoto Baba Bona’ celebrating the life of His Excellency President Mugabe.

Offspring Crew leader Mandla Dube said the song celebrates the life of President Mugabe as a revolutionary par excellence and a seasoned statesmen.

The crew is also popular for its song ‘Amai Mugabe’ that was released when the First Lady was elected to lead the Women’s League.

Members of the group say they will continue to release songs that celebrate President Mugabe’s achievements as well as national success stories and events.