no to sanctions.jpgA local reggae producer and musician has added his voice in denouncing illegal sanctions through his music by releasing a single titled ‘Zimbabwe is Free’.


Trojan I, born Ignatius Katakwa, says the song ‘Zimbabwe is Free’, is a message to those who imposed illegal sanctions on the country as well as those who invited the sanctions.


Trojan I is calling for the immediate removal of the illegal sanctions as Zimbabwe is a sovereign state with a right to self determination. 


The singer, who wrote his song last June, says the effects of the illegal sanctions have hurt every Zimbabwean and as an artist he felt he should add his voice to denounce the evils brought about by the sanctions.


He said: “I am saying we are free and the west should remove their sanctions as they are the ones that brought untold suffering to this nation for taking our land.”


The single, which is the title track of his upcoming ten-track album, is already enjoying its share of airplay on local radio stations.


Katakwa is not new in the reggae circles as he released his first album ‘Wicked System’ in 2002 and recorded a follow up album ‘Africa Is’ in 2004.