percy nhara.pngMusic producer, Percy Nhara has launched a musical label, ‘Nehoreka Lion Wave Productions,’ with the aim of promoting young artists interested in producing music from Zimbabwe’s indigenous and traditional instruments fused with modern ones.

The production label aims at recording young artists who are eager to express themselves and identify themselves with Zimbabwean indigenous instruments such as mbira and marimba.

These are fused with modern instruments such as guitars, keyboards and saxophones.

Nhara says young artists who are interested in exploring various musical genres are given the opportunity to share their experiences by exploring new musical avenues.

“I have realised that a good number of young musicians are being pushed into playing music that they don’t like. As such, we have come up with this label to tap their talent as they will have the chance to explore and experiment with real traditional instruments other than using personal computers to compose background instruments for their music,” he said.

Nhara, who started playing music in a family set up 15 years ago, has also released two solo albums under his name.

The album is a follow up to the CD album ‘Magagada.’

In most of his productions, Nhara has worked with the likes of Man Soul Jah, Mathius Julius, Esther Mukazika, Brian Nhanhanga of Too Open, film producer and director Tawanda Gunda Mupengo and reggae drummer Trevor Hall.

“This is a production I have done with various musicians from all walks of life and this CD album is testimony that we can still produce our own music with traditional instruments to come up with authentic rhythms,” he added.

Songs to look forward to on the new CD album under Nehoreka Lion Wave Productions include Wandibaya and Dzinoruma, Njere and Gona, among others.

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