albert nyathi-.jpgMusicians have been told to run their affairs as professionals, if they are to earn a living from their works and curb the scourge of piracy.

The statement was made by the Guest of Honour at the Zimbabwe Music Rights Association’s Auction and fundraising dinner held in the capital over the weekend.

ZIMURA Chairman, Albert Nyathi, who described the the auction as a success, said the funds will be channelled towards the holding of workshops which are meant to equip the musicians with knowledge of their rights, how to professionally manage their business and laws regarding them, among other issues.

Over a hundred copies of music from both living and departed artists were auctioned with discs being auctioned for up to US$50 a copy.

The workshops come at a time the industry is reeling from effects of piracy.

Accidents or sudden death of a musician or music ensemble has often exposed the artists, not even able to get a decent burial because most do not have proper knowledge of managing their trade as a business.